Meal Plans

The cost of all meal plans are the same, it is part of your room and board charges through the College. The differences between meal plans vary by the amount of Munch Money and meal swipes associated with each plan. 

Students are placed on the Continuous Dining Plan if no other plan is chosen. 

Consider your eating habits! Do you always eat two or three meals per day? If so, the Continuous Dining Plan may be right for you! Do you usually only eat one or two meals per day? Then the Option 160 Block Plan may be the perfect fit!

Unlike the old meal plans, the new meal plans do not work on a weekly basis. All meal plans have been restructured to operate on a semesterly basis. 

Our new meal plans work per semester, not per week. This allows the student to use as many or as few meal swipes as they want each semester. Meal swipes do not carry over from semester to semester. Munch Money carries over from fall to spring semester and expire at the end of the spring semester. Flex Dollars stay on your account for as long as you are a student at Saint Mary's College. 

YES! New this year are guest swipes. Those on the Continuous Dining Plan receive 5 guest passes per semester to use as needed, those on the Option 160 Block Plan receive 3 guest passes per semester, and those on the Belles Blue Plan have unlimited guest swipes. The owner of the meal plan must be present in order for guest swipes to be used. 

Students on the Continuous Dining Plan will NEVER run out of meals! Students on the Option 160 Block Plan have 160 meals to use per semester (an average of 10 meals per week). Once meal swipes run out the student can purchase a meal at the checker station using Munch Money or Flex Dollars, or add more Flex Dollars to their account on our website. There are many ways to buy meals on campus, your student won't go hungry. 

If you have special dietary needs based on a medical condition, please contact Iris Giamo in the Disabilities Resource Office (located in Madeleva Hall, Room 103C) at 574-284-4262 or email her at Iris will inform you what medical documentation you need to provide to her. Once you submit the documentation, you may need to meet with Iris to discuss the requested accommodations. If approved, Iris will then email the Director of Dining Services, Ken Acosta, informing him of your approved accommodations. You will then schedule an appointment with him so that he can share the dietary resources available to you. 

Meal plans can be changed online at any time within the first 10 business days from the first day of classes, by filling out the meal plan change form. The deadline to change meal plans for the fall semester has closed. Meal plans can be changed for the spring semester starting on January 6th, 2020. 

Call 574-284-5350 to set up an appointment to see the Food Service Director.

Munch Money

Munch Money is spending money that is located on your student ID card. It can be used at Papa Johns, Jimmy Johns, Spes Unica Cafe, 1844 Grill, Murphy's Cafe and in the Noble Family Dining Hall. Each meal plan has a different amount of munch money associated with it. Check out our Dining Plans page to find out how much Munch Money comes with your meal plan.

Munch Money only comes with your meal plan, BUT you can add more Flex Dollars at any time online. You can also purchase Flex Dollars at the Sodexo Customer Service Window in the Noble Family Dining Hall. Checks should be made out to Sodexo. Reminder: any additional Flex Dollars added are yours to keep for as long as you are a student at Saint Mary's College. 

Yes! Anyone who does not have a meal plan but has a Saint Mary's ID can purchase Flex Dollars by visiting our website

Munch Money and Flex Dollars can be used in Noble Family Dining Hall, Spes Unica Cafe, Murphy's Cafe, 1844 Grill, Papa John's and Jimmy Johns.

Any time Munch Money or Flex Dollars are used, a receipt showing the account balance will be presented to the customer. You may also visit the Sodexo Customer Service Office in the Dining Hall to obtain your account balance, or you can check online using the BelleAire App. If you believe your balance is incorrect, please visit the Sodexo Customer Service Window.  

Munch Money is the money that comes with your meal plans. Any unused Munch Money rolls over from fall to spring and expires at the end of the spring semester. Flex Dollars are any additional funds that you add to your account either online or at the Sodexo Customer Service Window, it carries over from semester to semester, and expires when you are no longer a student at Saint Mary’s College. If you have both Munch Money and Flex Dollars on your account, Munch Money will be used first.  

Belles Blue

The Belles Blue Meal Plan is a meal plan specifically designed for seniors, commuters, graduate students, and those living in Opus Apartments, Regina South or Annunciata Hall. The plan includes 50 meal swipes and $60 of Munch Money per semester.

 Everyone interested in the Belles Blue Plan must be approved by Ariel Leary, Director of Residence Life. Contact Ariel at 574-284-4572 or email  

To purchase a Belles Blue Plan or to discuss pricing, visit the Residence Life Office located on the second floor of the Student Center (Room 205) or call 574-284-4522. 

The Belles Blue Plan rolls over from the fall to spring semester and expires at the end of the spring semester. If your student is running low on meal swipes or Munch Money, they can purchase another Belles Blue Plan at any time throughout the fall or spring semester through the Residence Life Office. Any remaining meal swipes or Munch Money from the current plan will remain on the student account. (i.e. If there are five meals and $10 remaining on the plan and a new one is purchased, the student will now have fifty-five meals and $70 of Munch Money)