Meal Plans

The cost of all meal plans are the same, it is part of your room and board charges through the College. The differences between meal plans are: 1. The availability to enter the dining hall 2. The amount of munch money per plan

About 95% of the on-campus students end up on the Option 14 Meal Plan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that plan is the best match for you.

Consider your eating habits.
Do you always eat breakfast? Will you get up early enough to go to the Dining Hall for Breakfast or will you sleep as late as you can before going to class?
Will you eat 3 meals a day? Will your schedule allow you to go to the Dining Hall for three meals a day?
Is your home close enough to the college that you will want to go home for some of your meals or on the weekends?

All plans are reset for the new week on Sunday morning, and go through Saturday dinner.

Unused Meals do not roll over to the next week. The meal plans are reset every Sunday Morning

Your meal is for your use only. However, you can purchase a meal for a guest with your Munch Money. Only the Belles Blue Plan allows the student to swipe in a guest.

Meals may be purchased in the Dining Hall with cash, credit card, or munch money.

If that is the case, then you should consider changing your meal plan to better fit your needs.

Meal plans can changed at the Sodexo Customer Service Office in the Dining Hall any time within the first 10 business days of the semester. After 10 business days a meeting can be arranged to speak to the Food Service Director

Call 574-284-5350 to set up an appointment to see the Food Service Director.

Munch Money

Munch Money is spending money that is located on your student ID card. It can be used at Papa Johns, Jimmy Johns, Spes Unica Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Murphy's Cafe and in the Noble Family Dining Hall. Each meal plan has a different amount of munch money associated with it. Check out our Dining Plans page to find out how much Munch Money comes with your meal plan.

Yes! Stop by the Sodexo Customer Service window in the Dining Hall or visit the Shop Now page on our website. At the Sodexo Customer Service window you can add more munch money to your account with either a check or cash. Checks should be made out to Sodexo. Don't have time to stop by the Dining Hall? Parents and students can also go online to our Shop Now portion of our website.

Yes! Any student or Faculty/Staff member is welcome to add munch money to their account. Simply stop by the Sodexo Customer Service window in the Dinng Hall or purchase online here.